Arctic locations – full service location services in northern Scandinavia.

Majestic views, unique wildlife, stunning lakes, valleys and mountains. Regardless of season the nature up north is both stunningly beautiful and widely diverse

Our guides are used to lead expeditions adjusted to specific preferences for scenery, lighting, wildlife, etc. Depending on season, we can guide you through snow-filled valleys, over mountain tops, dwarf birch forests, frozen mountain lakes, rapids, waterfalls, Well,  your imagination sets the limits.
The nature provides an rich variation of beautiful sceneries. We can more or less switch continents just by traveling a few miles, wich makes this a very popular location for both Swedish and foreign productions.

We can help you with everything from location scouting to set building, accomodations and catering, logistics and transportation and of course our experience with problem solving.
We have worked on numerous movie and commercial sets and know the value of good coordination and planning.


Coordinator, Location Manager Volvo commercial featuring Zlatan Ibrahimovic – “Made in Sweden”

Viaplay – Lethal like The Blacklist

Coordinator, Location Manager – Viaplay


Coordinator, Location Manager – Viaplay


Eric Bompard – Winter Catalogue 2013

Location scouting for the Winter Catalogue 2013.

Eric Bompard – LE HUG, le Film